About Funkyzilla

Funkyzilla has been trading online since Christmas 2000. We have thousands of happy customers and are completely dedicated to your total satisfaction. 
Everything we make is made from the best materials available. Our Mouse Mats are made form the best blanks we could find from UK suppliers. We have tried all of them! The inks we use are made in the the USA. Our T shirts are top quality Gildan ring spun cotton. The finish on our cork backed coasters is stunning with beautiful, bright colours and a glossy heat resistant wipe clean surface that will not peel or fade.
We import the blanks we use for our phone covers from the USA ourselves as we are simply not happy with the quality of the Chinese made ones offered by all the UK suppliers. Our iphone 5/5S and 5C covers have a metal front made from a specially developed material in the USA which is genuinely scratch proof. You really need to use the sharpest part of a key to make any impression at all! (Yes, we have tried!)  
Our Iphone 6 and 7 covers are made in the USA from a special plastic material which will allow you to use the new NFC antenna incorporated into your iphone for contactless payments (NFC ready smart phone manufactures recommend you not to use phone cases with metal parts as these may interfere with the new NFC antenna)

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding any of our products please don't hesitate to contact us.
Tel: (44) 020 82819630