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Acceptance Mark Mischief
Farting bottle openers, scarey spiders, splash bombs, potato guns and more...

Flying Skull Flying Skull
Powered by a propeller and by wing power this Skull Flies around the room (Attached to a cord hanging from the ceiling) while it's jaws chomp up and down and it's eyes light up in a bright spooky red colour! The skull is about 13cm high. Comes with ceiling mounting bracket which can be turned upside down and attached to a post enabling the skull to fly outside at your garden Halloween party! Battery operated. Requires two AA batteries (Not included)
Click on image for a larger one. 

Price:   £8.99/€10.07

Catapult mobile phone accessory Catapult mobile phone accessory
Highly mischievous phone/key chain accessory. Made from metal and rubber this mini catapult is made to be used and is very effective! Hang it from your phone, key chain or bag.
Catapult is 6cm (2.75") without the strap.
Click on image for a better one. 

Price:   £4.99/€5.59

Potato Gun Potato Gun
Loading is easy, just stick the tip of the gun into a raw spud, break of a pellet and you're ready to fire! Good range and amazing accuracy. Comes in a fancy retro style box.
Click on image for a blow up. 

Price:   £1.99/€2.23

Wind up Chattering Teeth. Classic Version Wind up Chattering Teeth. Classic Version
The original Clockwork teeth! Made to the 1960's specification. Wind up these 6.4 cm x 3.8 cm (2-1/2" x 1-1/2") plastic Chattering Teeth with the secret metal key (included) and then watch the furious chomping and biting action! Illustrated box.
Click on image for a bigger one. 

Price:   £3.99/€4.47

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