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Acceptance Mark Mischief
Farting bottle openers, scarey spiders, splash bombs, potato guns and more...

Rotting Zombie Mirror Clings Rotting Zombie Mirror Clings
This set of cling stickers allows you to see how you might look if you are ever unfortunate enough to be infected by a zombie bite. Just stick some of these non-permanent cling stickers to your mirror, then stand back, close one eye and gaze in horror at the hideous zombie staring back at you. One 7-1/2" x 9" (19 cm x 22.9 cm) sheet of nineteen zombie features in each package. Bagged with illustrated insert. 

Price:   £1.99/€2.23

Spew Balls Spew Balls
Ghoulish rubbery heads that produce a balloon of foul looking liquid containing insects and chunkybits when squeezed. 7cm in diameter. Colours vary.
Click on image for another one. 

Price:   £0.99/€1.11

Toes Amoeba ball Toes Amoeba ball
Squidgy transparent ball full of lifelike severed toes and water. A good stress reliever! Not for the faint hearted! Measures 7.5 cm (3")
Click on image for an enlargement. 

Price:   £3.99/€4.47

Bouncing Egg Bouncing Egg
The size, colour and shape of a real egg only its made of rubber and bounces. Produces shock and relief at the same time!
Click on image for a bigger one.

Price:   £1.99/€2.23

Squirting Bow Tie Squirting Bow Tie
This luxuriant satin-like bow tie will take friends by surprise. The bulb is filled with water, and the plastic tube hidden inside clothing, in readiness for a devious attack on their dignity. Take the tension out of black tie affairs, bring a smile to formal events but best of all, soak someone who has been worthy of retribution for some time! Ah, revenge is sweet. 30cm wide.
Click on image for a bigger one. 

Price:   £1.99/€2.23

Squirting Trick Camera Squirting Trick Camera
Realistic looking squirt camera with a difference. In normal mode it squirts water out of the front, but turn the switch round and the water shoots backwards into the unsuspecting victim's eye! The nozzle can be swivelled a full 360 degrees so the correct target gets a soaking. Easily filled through a stoppered hole in the base. 9cm wide.
Click on the image for a bigger one. 

Price:   £1.99/€2.23

Mannequin Pee phone Charm Mannequin Pee phone Charm
Peeing action charm inspired by the famous statue in Brussels. When you pull the chain a realistic clear plastic pee emerges (Before disappearing again)
The little chap stands 4cm tall (Without the chain and cord)
Cick on the image for more. 

Price:   £8.99/€10.07

Roach trap phone charm Roach trap phone charm
A freaky miniature (Made from plastic) joke cockroach trap. When you pull the cord, the trap springs open revealing a wiggling cockroach stuck to it! When you release the cord the trap springs shut again.
Trap measures 4 x 2.5 x 1.5cm (Without strap)

Click on image for Roach trap action! 

Price:   £3.99/€4.47

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